Why Design Matters for Your Nonprofit


nonprofit design

You might have wondered if it’s worth it working with a creative design agency or doing your design in-house. I can tell you it is well worth your investment. All too often, organizations think of good design as a bonus rather than a necessity. Between limited time, money, and expertise, many nonprofits find a reason to deprioritize design. Part of … Read More

Biggest Color Trends 2019



We’re six months into the year, but we still have time to check out and use the biggest color trends of the year.

Publication Design Tips And How To Work With Your Designer


publication design

Are you Interested in writing a publication or a series of publications for your organization? You want to start your publication design, but not sure where to begin? Below are some thoughts on how to effectively communicate with your designer on the goals of your project and move towards a successful publication design. Before starting a publication project with any … Read More

Accessibility Design and Presentations


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I recently read this article and have been thinking a lot about accessibility design. We have people close to us that have issues with sight and others who have special needs and reading disabilities. It’s important to remember that not everyone in the room with you can interpret information the same way you do. When giving a presentation with slides, … Read More

SEO Tips For A Successful Website Redesign


SEO Tips

SEO Tips for Success. Are you getting ready to redesign your website? Has your website generated the response you’re looking for in the past? Now’s the perfect time to reevaluate your search engine optimization strategy (SEO). It’s time to think about ways to improve the traffic to your website and get more targeted users. The Creative Industry has researched a few … Read More

How SEO and Keyword Search Can Help Your Cause


Search engine optimization (SEO), specifically long-tail keyword search, has become a powerful tool in online marketing. When your organization is easier to find on Google, you’ll generate more visibility around your work. Your nonprofit will experience the perks that come with bringing more people to your website—from increased membership to PR attention and beyond. When it comes to success with … Read More

Nonprofit content: growing and converting leads into advocates


nonprofit content

According to The 2016 Digital Outlook Report, a collaborative research project from the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN), Care2, hjc, and The Resource Alliance, “three out of five nonprofits surveyed have at least one staff member dedicated to online or digital strategy while more than half have a team of at least two to five people. The trend, however, is more … Read More

Set a course for an effective nonprofit brand


nonprofit brand

Branding for nonprofits is more than just your logo or name. Branding is telling your story to your audience and showing why your organization matters. It’s about the experience and perception your audience has of your organization online, in-person, and on paper. This means everything from the delivery of your services, interaction with donors, printed materials, website, and social media. … Read More

Create Web Banner Ads With These Simple Tips


Futurama Web Banner

Banner ads are one of the most prolific forms of marketing used in today’s online world. All companies use them in one form or another because they’re an affordable, measurable way to increase brand awareness. We just finished multiple web banner ads for Twentieth Television. As this is still on our brain, we wanted to take you through some key … Read More

Is the writing on your website readable?


website readability

Is your website readable? Do you have your reader in mind when writing copy? People tend to want to write website copy for themselves, using terms and wording that is only familiar within their industry or company/organization. This is especially true if you are a policy organization or consulting group. But did you know that, “On the average Web page, … Read More